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Contest Alert!

Trent Harrell blames himself for his best friend’s death.

Contest Alert! I need your help. If you are a poet or song writer, would you like your work to be featured in my novel? Trent Harrell is a song writer and the main character in Trent’s Melody.

Brief synopsis: Trent is a down-on-his-luck singer/song writer. His band almost made it but lost it all when their band mate overdosed. Trent blames himself for his friend’s death. They were both in love with the same woman. He walked away from Melodie, the band and the promise of his music career.

The author of the song or poem that best fits the story will win a $25 gift card and will be named in the book credits and I will also add in their links.

Send your submissions to the link below with your name and email address. Finalists will be chosen April 24th, 2022.

Not a poet but still want to help me with Trent’s Melody? How are you at naming TV shows? Trent and his brother, Cole are competing in a reality renovation show competition against the all-female construction crew 3Ms of Melodie, Maddie and Morgan, in a men versus women renovation of Main Street, Leeward. They will each have to renovate two stores to help bring good publicity to the town after all the bad news.

$5 gift card, named in book credits and if applicable, a link in my book matter.

To submit your show name, just click on the link below, don’t forget your name and email. Finalists will be chosen April 10th. You can submit as many times as you like but only one title per submission.

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Asphalt Cowboy’s Girl

By Marie Savage

A Book Review

Luke is a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. He has a girl in every “port” or stop, they know the drill, have a little fun until it’s time to say good bye. He’s a truck driver, a wanderer, he has no time for relationships.

Aimee Jo has a dream of becoming a singer. She is on her way to California for an audition, well, she was, until someone stole her car and everything she owns. Stuck in a truck stop with no one to call, no money and no hope, she is determined not to give up.

Luke doesn’t know why he offers to help the beautiful young girl. It goes against his character, his motto. He realizes this girl isn’t his usually kind of girl, but something about her won’t allow him to leave her stranded at the truck stop.

This road trip adventure romance is a great foil for this couple to get to know each other and fall in love.

Two stubborn hearts won’t tell the other how they feel. What will it take for one of them to take a chance and risk their heart?

I loved this story and felt as if I could hear country music flowing through every page. The characters were strong and believable. Their relationship growth felt real and organic. The changes in the characters as they grew together felt natural. This is one of the best books I’ve read, part of it was because of my own childhood dream of being a truck driver, my love of country music. I related to Aimee Jo, she was a good girl who’d didn’t know her own worth.

If you’re looking for a different kind of hero and a heroine who is both fragile and strong, I think you’ll love Asphalt Cowboy’s Girl.