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The Spinster Who Saved a Scoundrel

The Spinster Who Saved a Scoundrel by Christi Caldwell

Narrated by Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell’s sexy baritone makes listening to The Spinster Who Saved a Scoundrel a sensation for the ear, mind and heart. He brings the story to life and ignites the senses with his sultry voice but it’s the story that makes you believe in the possibilities.

Christi Caldwell has made a career of bringing unique character to life and making her readers fall in love with them. Miss. Francesca Cornworthy has lived a very sheltered life. When her father dies, she is left to fulfill one more wish for him, marry a man who will take care of her.

On her way to a house party to meet her new finance, Francesca becomes abandoned in a snowstorm. She takes shelter on an old estate with the disgruntled occupant.

Mr. Lanthan Holman only wants to regain his honor and prove he isn’t a traitor to the crown. He doesn’t want company and he surly doesn’t want to deal with Miss. Francesca Cornworthy.

The only thing her father wanted was for her to be safe and happy. Falling in love with a traitor is the opposite of what he’d hoped for her, but Francesca has to discover what makes her happy.

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A Sewer Pirate

In Bed with the Earl by Christi Caldwell Narrated by Tim Campbell

As I have said many times before, I love audiobooks. One of my favorite genres is historical romance.

Christi Caldwell has become one of my favorite historical romance authors. I love that she keeps challenging the genre. Her characters aren’t the normal society sweethearts. They’re not the perfect and pristine.

In her latest book, In Bed with the Earl, news reporter Verity Lovelace has to prove that women are capable of uncovering the story as well as a man, often better. For Verity the story will make the difference between keeping her job or being out on the street with nothing.

The story she has to uncover is that of The Lost Earl. The earl, Malcolm North, the heir of the Earl of Maxwell was taken from his home as a child. He doesn’t remember his past and he has no desire to be found. He definitely does not want to share his story.

Desperate, Verity follows a clue into the sewers searching for the earl. After losing her shoes and nearly being eaten by rats, she is attacked by a man all of whom a handsome stranger saves her from. When she realizes her handsome rescuer is the lost earl, she tries to get her story from him, but he refuses. With no other choice she writes the only story she has, the story of her rescuer.

While people speculate why the earl would want to continue to live and work in the sewers of London the fine families of London are willing to wed him to their daughters for a piece of his fortune. Angry with Verity for setting this chaos in motion, the two make a bargain. They may get more than they bargained for as they uncover the past, the truth about family and honor, and learn what it is to love.

If you like your romance with a bit of history and a little twist, then you need to check out this fantastic novel by Christi Caldwell.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite books of 2020 and there have been some truly amazing books so far!  

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The Spitfire: Wicked Wallflowers

The Spitfire: Wicked Wallflowers by Christi Caldwell Narrated by Tim Campbell Audiobook

Clara Winters dreams of leaving behind her old life at the mercy of controlling men and opening her music hall. No matter how many times she is knocked down, she is bounces back up. When she discovers a man being assaulted on the streets of East London, she knows if she doesn’t intervene, he’ll be dead.

Henry March, the Earl of Waterson, is a member of Parliament. Clara knows no good will come of playing nursemaid to a nobleman.

Henry cannot forget his angel of mercy. In just a few short days she changed his life. When they are once more thrown together, passions flare. Henry will do anything to have Clara in his life but will association with him be an asset or a detriment. Can he leave her alone knowing how much he’s hurt her and her chances a making her dream come true?

Christi Caldwell knows how to create characters we cannot forget and makes us fall in love. If you want heroes and heroines who are little different, a little flawed, and with a lot of attitude. This is a must read and Tim Campbell’s narration was a fantastic delight to the ear. This sexy, sassy historical combines everything we love about historical romance and turns it upside down.

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Rogues Rush In

Rogues Rush In: A Regency Duet by Tessa Dare and Christi Caldwell, narrated by Justine Eyre

His Bride for the Taking: When Sebastian, Lord Byrne begins distancing himself from his childhood friend’s sister, Mary Clayton takes matters into her own hands. After being left at the altar, Mary has no choice but to marry her brother’s best friend. This friends-to-lovers story has a lot of twists and turns. I loved it and found Mary to be a strong and capable female who knows how to manipulate life’s events to make the most of it. She is the type of woman who works to make the world fit her needs. A smart woman is a force of nature.

His Duchess for a Day: Some mistakes are worth repeating. Though Elizabeth Terry isn’t so sure she agrees when her husband finds her at a finishing school for young ladies. When he convinces her to return for a day to put marriage-minded mamas in their place, they are faced with the past and have to decide if they can keep from making the same mistakes twice.