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The Ideas for the Harrell Family Campgrounds

tent, RV or cabin, camping is a different experience

After raising six boys I can tell you my greatest surprise is that they all managed to get grown without any major permanent damage. Well, at least physically. They’re all a bit crazy but that’s what you get from jumping off the roof of houses, leaping onto moving cars, and getting into fights with trees, walls, your brothers, etc. It’s their father’s fault.

Our best times as a family were while we were camping. The kids loved to camp, and it didn’t matter how rustic it was. I often thought I’d loved to have had a campground while the kids were young, that was part of my inspiration for the Harrell Family Campgrounds. The second part of the inspiration came from growing up in South Creek, originally named Stanton-Harrell, on the Pamlico River. Growing in South Creek was like living in a campground. There were people, like us who lived there year-round but there were others who only came during hunting or fishing, summer or holidays.

South Creek was a fun place to grow up but at times a bit lonely, there were only a few kids around. Imagine what it would have been like had there been a crowd of kids during the summer fishing, canoeing, swimming in the river and sound. That is where the idea of The Harrell Family Campgrounds began.