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While taking Tina Gerow’s ‘Write Steamy Love Scenes’ for the past two weeks, I looked up romantic words and began writing scenes. Try this yourself. Google romantic or sexy words and see where it takes your writing.

She’d never been the adventurous type but his wicked smile incited in her a streak of daring.
Adventurous, he turned down a little used back road and parked. Pulling her into his arms, he teased his wife of twenty years. “Do you remember our first date?”
“I did not make out with you on our first date.”
“No, we’d not even been on a date.”
She blushed, her skin aglow with desire and daring. “You planning to just sit here and talk?”
Chuckling, he lifted her shirt and caressed her breast. “You still turn me on.”
She let her head fall back against the headrest as his mouth found her nipple. “Oh god, you make me crazy old man.”
“Who’re you calling old man, woman.” He growled pulling her beneath him he proved he wasn’t that old after all.
In the afterglow, she couldn’t help the smile of satisfaction that curved her lips. Twenty years and still in love. He still has the power to make me crazy with desire.