The Leeward Files Trilogy



Three-book anthology of the first three books of The Leeward Files Series: Chrome Pink, White Gold and Titanium Blue. Three friends return to their hometown, discover the dark secrets that hold the told hostage. When it becomes personal, they will go after justice or revenge, whichever they can get.


The first three books of The Leeward Files series: Chrome Pink, White Gold and Titanium Blue. The story of three best friends Rae Lynne, Dana and Jenna who find strength in each other to right the wrongs of their town, learn to love themselves and trust others.

In Chrome Pink,  Rae Lynne Grimes must believe she is worth loving and fighting for. When she is accused of murder, she must trust Logan Birdsong, a man hired by her worst enemy, who is trying to steal her land to build a hotel and spa. Logan is trying to save his family’s business but can he sacrifice Rae’s trust for the sake of a job?

White Gold reunites Dana Windley with her estranged father, but he’s not the only long lost relative who’s found her. When two of her pageant contestants go missing, Dana and her friends join local law enforcement to stop a sex trafficking auction. Will SBI Agent Jake Monroe realize what an asset she is or will she prove to be too much woman for the sexy agent?

Jenna McKenzie Roberts is reunited with her soon-to-be ex-husband when their son disappears during an sleepover at a friend’s house in Titatium Blue. Will their second chance at romance be thwarted by jealousy and the town’s notorious sex trafficking ring? Can Tar save his family and prove he is willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy, even move to Leeward, the armpit of eastern North Carolina?

Welcome to Leeward, the small town with the big secret.

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