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Holidays, weddings and babies are happy occasions until someone ends up dead. Join the gang from Leeward as they try to get Rae Lynne to the altar on time and without handcuffs.


Holidays, weddings and babies are happy occasions, until someone ends up dead.

Rae Lynne Grimes, the heroine of Chrome Pink, never believed in happy endings, but she is on the verge of her own happy ever after with Logan. She is marrying the man of her dreams on Christmas Day, unless she ends up in prison or dead. Rae will do whatever it takes to make it to the altar on time.

Her best friends, Jenna and Dana are dealing with their own dramas. After nearly losing Toby in Titanium Blue, Jenna struggles to find peace and happiness with her estranged husband, Tar. Can they brave the future together?

Dana, the heroine of White Gold is busy as usual with planning a First Responders’ New Year’s Eve Ball, two weddings and juggling her newfound family and her romance with agent sexy. Will Dana join her friends at the altar, or does she have other plans?

Phil is determined to bring down the Barton-Bryant Sex Trafficking Ring but there are new players on the field that may interfere with his plans. Will he do whatever it takes to stop them, even if it means the innocent get hurt?

romantic suspense thriller, fourth in The Leeward Files series, holiday weddings, second chance romance

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