Description of Chrome Pink for Amazon

Rae Lynne Grimes returns to Leeward, North Carolina to care for her dying grandfather. Together, they restore an old Harley and paint it pink for breast cancer awareness. Her grandfather succumbs before seeing it finished. Alone, Rae must face the town of Leeward who blame her for sending her stepbrother to prison, costing their high school football team one of their champions. Now, her fate … Continue reading Description of Chrome Pink for Amazon

Christmas Revels IV, another successful anthology

Christmas Revels IV : Four Regency Novellas by: Anna D. Allen, Hannah Meredith, Kate Parker, and Louisa Cornell I have been a fan of all the Christmas Revel Anthologies. Each year I am surprised by the excellence these authors exude. Anna Allen captured my heart with her story, The Sergeant’s Christmas Bride. Ms. Allen managed to give her readers a heroine who was both strong … Continue reading Christmas Revels IV, another successful anthology

Never Christmas Without You

Never Christmas Without You a two-novella Christmas anthology from Nana Malone and Reese Ryan is a must read for anyone who loves contemporary romance with fabulous characters. I love holiday romances but these two stories brought the magic of Christmas and the love of family and friends deep into my heart. I have a confession to make. I hadn’t planned to read Nana Malone’s story. … Continue reading Never Christmas Without You

The Impact of a Whisper

“If you want to capture someone’s attention—whisper.” This commercial from a few years ago reminds me of what’s happening with the NFL. In order to attract attention to the mistreatment of people of color by police, certain NFL players have taken a knee during the National anthem. Before you scream at me about patriotism let me tell you, I’m the one who cries when the … Continue reading The Impact of a Whisper