A Song of Thanksgiving 

Voices raised in praiseOur songs and prayers of Thanksgiving sing  The blessings of friends and family  Warm us with their love Food for feasting  House filled with warmth  Celebrating the love and friendship that surround us  Our blessings are many  Tummies and hearts are full  Peace and joy give us hope  The holidays begin  Let the beauty of the season comfort and fill you  Happy … Continue reading A Song of Thanksgiving 

Sometimes Only a Scandal Will Do 

Do You Want to Start a ScandalBy: Tessa Dare Charlotte is just trying to survive a house party without starting another scandal. Instead she ends up embroiled in one. Quite by accident, she and Lord Granville become compromised. All because she was trying to warn him. Her mother’s efforts of throwing her at eligible men has plummeted her reputation in the eyes of the ton. … Continue reading Sometimes Only a Scandal Will Do 


Facebook has allowed me to keep in touch with friends from my childhood. I can see photos of husbands I’ve never met and children I’ve not seen since they were new borns. But I still feel a connection with these people who are now grandparents like me. I still see freckled faces and shy toothless grins, skinned knees and bruised hearts. We couldn’t wait to … Continue reading Friendship