One More Kiss 

Samantha Chase’s One More Kiss is a great way to start her new series, Band on the Run. Matty Reed, singer/songwriter/guitarist for the band Shaughnessy isn’t the party guy he’s reported to be, at least not anymore. After tanking his solo career, Matt needs a place to hide out until he can decide what to do with his life while the band takes a break. … Continue reading One More Kiss 

True Genius 

Maya Rodale is the true genius of this book and many others. Lady Claire and her sister’s nemesis, Lady Francesca both suffer from the curse of intelligent ladies throughout history. Being wooed on a bet but discovering the truth about oneself and her ideal man, might be the greatest gift one could receive. Read this exciting book and learn for yourself what fun Maya Rodale’s … Continue reading True Genius 

Fear of Success

Do we let fear of failure stop us from succeeding? Perhaps it is fear of success that gives us stumbling blocks? I am not brave. I struggle each day to stand up for myself, to speak up whether verbally or through my writing. I am still the scared little girl who believes she can’t do that. A wise woman, Ms. Glenoria Jennette, my mentor since … Continue reading Fear of Success

Deadly Good 

Deadly Scandal, the first book of the new Deadly Series by Kate Parker, should be a movie. This action-packed story combines everything I love: history, intrigue, romance and fabulous characters.Livvy is determined to prove her husband didn’t commit suicide. With a second world war looming, the Germans bullying the British government, and leaks inside the Foreign Office where her husband worked, Olivia Denis finds herself … Continue reading Deadly Good