Happy Father’s Day 

Father’s Day Doesn’t Have The Same Meaning Many of us who no longer have fathers living, Father’s Day takes on a different meaning. Remembering my dad during this time is inevitable, his birthday and Father’s Day fall so close together. One thing I remember my dad telling me, “when you were young, I couldn’t wait for you to get older and now that you are, … Continue reading Happy Father’s Day 

Women of Courage by Sherri Lupton Hollister 

For all the women who have touched my life  Happy Mother’s Day! Women of courage Women of valor Your timeless wisdom Enables me To stride through life My head held high Knowing that I am descended from thee. Native woman scraping the earth Share-cropper’s daughter in patches Dreams take flight on the tail of a kite. Roots in black soil still hold them, The river, … Continue reading Women of Courage by Sherri Lupton Hollister 

Up All Night to Finish 

Oh what a tangled web of deceit! Liars, rakes and fortune hunters plague the young women of Victorian England’s society but professional introduction consultant, Calista Langley with the help of her brother, Andrew manage to keep them at bay. That is until someone starts sending threatening gifts better suited to someone in mourning. Beseeched by a madman, Calista is befriended by one of her would … Continue reading Up All Night to Finish 

My Addiction with Alex Grecian 

The Harvest Man kept me up wondering what would happen next. This time in forensic history with new thoughts and technologies abounding is exciting all on its own. Add in Jack the Ripper and the cast of characters from the detective squad, victims, families and murderers and the story becomes electric! The narrator, John Curless brings the story to life. His inflection and tone have a … Continue reading My Addiction with Alex Grecian 

Seduced Again!

Sabrina Jeffries’ The Study of Seduction is the second of The Sinful Suitors Series and if possible it is even better than the first The Art of Sinning. I think the truly mismatched couple of Edwin Barlow, Earl of Blakeborough and Lady Clarissa Lindsey is what makes their story so compelling. On the surface these two should not match.  The tragedies that have shaped their … Continue reading Seduced Again!