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Are you an author or small business owner? Are you from North Carolina? Do you write any type of romance? If you do, you might be a great fit for my Creekside Cafe. Where I talk to authors and entrepreneurs about their work, their passions and all the fun stuff (and not so fun stuff) life throws at them.

If you’d like to be a guest on my Creekside Cafe, send me an email. I love to meet new people and talk about books, writing and new adventures.

In my imaginary world I own a small coffee shop over looking South Creek just off the Pamlico River. A wide veranda surrounds the shop allowing customers to sit outside on warm, pretty days, and sip their drinks while sea gulls swoop down to gather their breakfast and cicadas sing their goodnight song. In my cozy cafe, I entertain writers, poets and other interesting people, and I share their stories with you, my readers and friends.

So come on in out of a steamy summer day, have a glass of something cold, or out of a cold, dreary winter day and choose something warm and sweet from the bakery. Let the river and the balm of friendship surround you and welcome you. Have a seat under the ceiling fan in one of the big, comfortable rocking chairs, or near the potbellied stove at one of the eclectic wooden tables painted in all my favorite colors. We can watch the water and the changing seasons from the huge windows that face the creek and give the feeling of being out doors, even while the air conditioning eases the heat or the old stove dispels the chill. Set back and relax and tell me about yourself.

Just leave a message here on my website or email me at

Here is an idea of what to have ready if you are interested in being featured on my Creekside Cafe Chat

1.       An author photo, (in .jpg) this doesn’t have to be a professional picture but one that shows your face. Some have used an avatar, but I prefer a real picture.

2.       A short bio, or as was suggested to me, several short bios that you can mix and match according to what you are using it for. Update your bio for each new book. Think of different places you might use your bio: Amazon or sale page, author page, local news article, interview opportunities, promo opportunities. Also think of who you are trying to reach. If you are an amateur chef and you have a chef in your story, you might promote your book on cooking/recipe sites, magazines, etc.

3.       Photos of your covers (in .jpg) and clean or tiny links to your books

4.       Links to all of your “author” social media. If I have a question, I may be able to find the answer on your social media or search for new questions according to your posts. Also, I’ll post your links at the end of our interview to hopefully send readers to your sites.

5.       Photos of characters, some people use inspirational photos for their characters. If you have these, include them. I’ve even known people who cast their characters as if they were going to be in a movie.

6.       Photos help attract attention. Use things you love, things that inspire you to help tell more about your and your stories. If your story takes place in Paris and you honeymooned in Paris, share that. If you are an artist and so is your character, share your art. The idea is to connect with people.

7.       Research information, especially photos help but don’t bog down the reader with too much information.

8.       Tell about your hobbies or your career(s). How have they influenced your writing?

9.       How do you juggle work, family and writing?

10.   Where are you from? Where do you live? Do these factor into your stories?

11.   What writers/books/groups influenced your life, your writing?

12.   Family, share only what you and they are comfortable sharing.

13.   I use recipes, book reviews and writing tips on my website so if you’d like to add any of these to your interviews, that’s great but you don’t have to.

14.   This interview and promo is free, but the purpose is to cross promote. I believe in writers helping writers. The idea is for each of us to share the interview and book links on our social media sites and hopefully attract new readers.  

Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

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