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The battle of the sexes begins…

After a YouTube Video ruined her career and turned her into a joke, the last thing Maddie Henries needed was a man. Especially if that man’s last name was Harrell, but Cole believed in her when no one else did. Can Maddie overcome her fears to learn to trust again? Thrown together to save her aunt’s century-old inn, Maddie and Cole find themselves working together to save Christmas for the people at Teach’s Island.

Roxy’s Betrayal, Roxy is the bad sister. Jorge is an accused murderer. Neither is what anyone would call a hero but they are their only hope. Will they be able to save their friends in time or will they need rescuing?

Roxy is no one’s idea of a hero but she is their only hope. To her family she is the spoiled youngest daughter, a screw up and a bit of a con artist. In high school she was voted most likely to steal your boyfriend. Boys remembered her bra size but rarely her name. With dreams of being a big Hollywood star, she couldn’t get out of Leeward fast enough. But after meeting her sister’s daughter everything changes. To save her niece from sex traffickers, Roxy must tap into her acting skills and convince everyone she is the self-centered diva they all believe her to be.
A man accused of murder, a former Leeward Police officer, Jorge Claudio’s second chance at freedom is threatened when he hooks up with Roxanne Harrell. No matter that she makes him feel like a hero, following her may land him in prison or the morgue. But he can’t resist temptation. Dark small town family drama, steamy romantic suspense thriller

Janie’s Secrets, the second in the Harrell Family Chronicles!

Blackmail and secrets threaten her family, but murder could really ruin their second chance at a happy ending.

Janie Harrell is the smart sister, who once had a bright future, but one mistake has left her crippled with guilt and fear.

Mike McKenzie, overwhelmed with all that has happened in Leeward, doubts he’s qualified to be the chief of Police.

When the two of them attend conferences at the same hotel, they give in to the simmering desire that’s been brewing between them since they were teenagers. But second chances come with a price…when family secrets come to light, Janie and Mike find the truth might be too high a price to pay.

Murder, blackmail, kidnapping and secrets heat up this family drama/romantic suspense.

A cold case gets hotter when arson is involved. It all becomes personal for firefighter Billy Grimes when more than fire gets ignited between him and reporter, Tracy Harrell.

The New Year comes in with a bang for the town of Leeward when a series of explosions uncovers dark secrets that rock the town of Leeward to its foundation. Dead bodies dating back decades are linked to a present-day serial rapist as they discover the lengths a powerful family is willing to go to hide a monster.

For firefighter Billy Grimes, it all becomes personal when a cold case leads to his mother’s murderer. Who will be the next victim? Billy can’t protect everyone he cares about, but he’ll try.

Reporter Tracy Harrell is in the right place at the right time for the story of a lifetime, if it doesn’t kill her. The case pits her against firefighter Billy Grimes and his law enforcement pals. Who will come out on top? Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.

The Leeward Files joins forces with a new series, The Harrell Family Chronicles in this suspense-thriller, Red Steel. Adult language, situations, explicit sex, strong romantic elements and murder.

The town of Leeward is heating up when volunteer firefighter Billy Grimes clashes with local reporter Tracy Harrell. Sparks will fly!

romantic elements and murder.

The town of Leeward is heating up when volunteer firefighter Billy Grimes clashes with local reporter Tracy Harrell.