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Sherri Lupton-Hollister started writing soon after learning to read. She wrote her first romance in red ink at the age of ten. Her childhood dream of becoming a writer and having her own Brady Bunch nearly came true when she became the mother/stepmother to six sons. After only two years of marriage, Sherri and her husband, the sexy mechanic, gained custody of his three sons and discovered she was expecting another. The couple went from two children in the home to six in a matter of a few months.

Four generations of Hollister Men circa 2010

With her large family, Sherri is never at a loss for plot ideas, interesting characters or cheerleaders. Her family serves as beta readers, researchers, photographers and marketers. The sexy mechanic is her researcher and resident expert for anything mechanical.   

The sexy mechanic, an almost-reformed bad boy, is the head-mechanic at a local body shop. Mechanic, tow truck driver and biker dude, he provides expertise on several subjects helping Sherri to round out her characters talents, personalities and a few plot points.

Still Sexy after all these years.

The couple share a love for riding motorcycles, chasing their many grandchildren and playing cards. They host cookouts and parties including their large extended family and many friends. Their house has always been the hang out for their friends and their children’s friends. 

Sherri loves the water but hates to lay out, preferring to play on the beach, refusing to be the old lady sitting in the sand unless she’s building a sandcastle with the grands.

Music plays a big part in the development of her stories. Listening to the music her characters enjoy allows Sherri to delve deeper inside her characters personalities. When no one is looking, she has been known to burst into song or just start dancing.

As an only child in a small, rural community, Sherri learned to entertain herself with arts and crafts, as well as reading and writing. She wrote plays, stories and poems, and had a short story published in a small, local newspaper as a teenager. Later, she would become a reporter for that same paper.

The Leeward Files stories are set in a small, rural town in North Carolina, similar to Sherri’s hometown. Her characters blend local flavor with her own vivid imagination to create people who could be her friends and neighbors.

As a shy, insecure child, Sherri struggled to find her voice. Through her stories, she hopes to give a voice to those whose stories need to be heard. In writing fiction, Sherri finds the courage to speak the truth. Her characters are often broken but not shattered, flawed but still beautiful, weak but with unplumbed strength.

Addicted to cooking shows, her children tell her she should go on Chopped especially when they do the left-over challenge. Raising six children, Sherri learned to never let anything go to waste. Redecorating left-overs whether it was food or clothes or even furniture, allowed her to work part-time until her youngest son went off to middle school.

Chairperson of the Pamlico Writers’ Group, the oldest writers’ group in eastern North Carolina, Sherri is excited to talk to other authors and share her passion for books. She is also a member of Romance Writers of America where she holds the rank of PAN. She hosts the Book in a Week challenge each month with local RWA chapter, the Heart of Carolina where she is currently VP of Communications. Sherri is also a member of the online RWA group, Kiss of Death for romantic suspense authors.

Recently, Sherri self-published her nineth book, a novella Christmas Inn at Teach’s Island part of the Harrell Family Chronicles. The Harrell Family Chronicles a spinoff of The Leeward Files. It focuses on a local family who had to turn their dying farm into a campground.

With the encouragement of her husband, David and her mentor, award winning cozy mystery author, M K Graff, her friends at the Pamlico Writers’ Group and her adopted sisters: Robina, Denise and Kaylene, Sherri took the plunge into self-publishing.

Sherri is thankful for the love and support she has experienced from her community, her hometown has made her feel like a local celebrity. While she may never be rich and famous, she knows she is blessed to have a fantastic group of cheerleaders.

Sherri shares her writing journey on her website and on social media. She is always happy to have followers, so check out her website or friend her on social media.

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You can also find her this November doing NaNoWriMo as Pamlico Writer

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