About my writing life

After winning the first Romantic Times Ann Peach Scholarship in 2009 I went to Orlando, Florida to the Romantic Times Conference and learned about being a writer from the late Judi McCoy. The first thing she told us was to believe that we are writers. She had us shout out, “I am a writer.” Believing you are a writer, setting yourself up to achieve your goals, making a plan and then simply sitting in a chair and writing.

I joined Romance Writers of America and my local chapter, attended local writers groups and even started my own group. I am now the chairperson for the Pamlico Writers’ Group. I’ve served almost two years. I love it but it’s exhausting. I’ve been a member of our conference steering committee for four years, taking over as chair this year. I’m not a great leader, I’m a better worker but I love being a part of a group that is trying to be a positive influence in our local writing community.

I am embarking on my career as a published author. My novel “Chrome Pink” should be released the first of December barring I don’t do anything else stupid. I can’t believe I didn’t put in page number?!@

I am out of the closet to friends and family alike, “I am a writer!”