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Happy Birthday Sis


I am so thankful to have my sister-in-law, Denise Hollister Toler in my life. She isn’t just my sister-in-law she is one of my best friends. There have been times when she has threatened to kick my ass, but more often than not she has been the one to hold my hand, pant me on the back or give me a much-needed push towards what I wanted but feared.

Denise, like my fictional character Dana Windley is the kind of person who doesn’t take no for an answer. She isn’t the kind of person who gives up when things are difficult. Unlike some who run from trouble, she is the person who will run head-on into a terrible situation with hands ready to help and a heart full of love. Of course, it makes sense that I would create a character than embodies this awesome lady.

Denise is one of my BETA readers, she sometimes reads my story two or three times before its ready to publish. She has been there for me with my children, grandchildren and now is helping me reach my publishing dreams. To celebrate Denise’s birthday, I am giving away a copy of White Gold, a crown and scarf…the winner of the #theleewardfiles White Gold drawing is…Dakota Vernon. Congratulations Dakota!

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