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“The Blind Date” by Delaney Diamond, an Audio Book Review

The Blind Date by Delaney Diamond, Read by Michael Pauley (Chirp)  

Ryan Stewart and Shawna Ferguson, my newest favorite couple. What do you do when you see the woman of your dreams? You chase her down and introduce yourself. When Ryan first saw Shawna, he knew she was the one. After a passionate weekend in Chicago and Ryan knew he had to tell Shawna the truth, he wasn’t yet free but a surprise visit from the girl he’d come to Chicago to get away from, derails his plans. Shawna leaves before he can explain.

Years pass, Shawna has thrown all of her energy into her business, a fancy boutique in Atlanta but she’s never forgotten Ryan or the way he made her feel. Her happily married sister and brother-in-law want her to find someone to share her life. They set her up on a blind date with the one man who made her throw caution to the wind and left her with a broken heart.

The passion and plot are so beautifully stitched together that you will believe in love at first sight and you will long for the incendiary desire that makes you senseless and breathless.

Ryan gives up his family’s dream and follows his own, to create beautiful furniture. If he can just convince Shawna to give him a second chance, he will have it all.

Ms Diamond captures the intensity and emotion of these lovers and takes her readers on a fast ride to happily ever after. Ryan is my new book boyfriend. This story will leave you panting for more. A great story, narrated with the smooth, texture of a silky, sexy voice. Michael Pauley added another facet to the story that will leave you fanning yourself and yearning for strong, callused hands.


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