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Tarboro Tea Party by James Lupton


The hardest thing for an indie author or a “B” list author to do is marketing their books. Even if a book is really good, full of history, romance and characters who come up off the page into your heart, it is difficult to gain notice. Mr. James Lupton’s “Tarboro Tea Party” is one of those books.

Set during World War two in rural Tarboro, in eastern North Carolina the Worthington family, their friends and neighbors all move through this historical time with only a passing interest in the outside world. Their own small community is full of excitement and woes as Mrs. Sadie Worthington pits her style and grace against her nemesis, Minerva Nelson. Once the best of friends, these two southern ladies become competitive in their interest to become the best hostess in the south and members of the very discerning, Damsels of the Old Dominion.

When the war touches their lives with the enlistment of Sadie’s husband Warren and later, followed by her daughter’s new husband, the trivial combat with Minerva takes a back seat. With her children growing up and her world changing, Sadie finds herself dealing with an old beau, the running of a farm, racial issues and the growing pains of four children.

Sadie and her family experience a roller coaster of love, loss and laughter as they navigate the upheaval of war, open their eyes to new possibilities and experience the highs and lows of life. If you love small town stories with a bit of romance, and the history of the forties, you will fall in love with Sadie and her family, rejoicing and sympathizing with their joys and pain. I hope you will check out “Tarboro Tea Party” by James Lupton.

Sherri Lupton Hollister

Chrome Pink

Edge of your seat romantic suspense set in idyllic inner-coastal town.

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